Mercury Smartcraft Gauges New For 2003

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Smarttach gauge
  • GPH read out
  • Water Pressure Graph
  • Engine Temp Graph
  • Battery Voltage Graph
  • Digital RPM
  • Over speed Alarm
  • Reserve Oil Alarm
  • Over Heat Alarm
  • Batt Volt Alarm
  • Low Water Pressure Alarm
  • Low Fuel Alarm
  • Oil System Fault Warning
  • Injector Fault Warning
  • Ignition Fault Warning
  • RPM Read Out

Smartspeed Gauge
  • Boat Speed
  • Time of Day
  • Fuel Levels
  • Oil Levels
  • Boat Speed Read Out
  • Air Temp
  • Water Temp
  • Fuel Range in MPG
  • Course and Speed
  • GPS Compatible
  • Water Pickup Compatible
  • Paddle Wheel Compatible
  • For Speed Control
  • Troll Control
  • Water in Fuel Alarm
  • Fast and Simple Wire hookup

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