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Because the next step would be to make it better than last year .So its now Digital this will allowthe boat RPM's or Speed to be adjusted at the smartcraft gauges at the touch of a button rather than at the gear shift. The RPM's can be adjusted from low as 400 rpm's through 1000 rpm's from the plus or minus key on the on the smart gauge. The new Opti-troll system lets you do more for less fuel.

For more info on the Smartcraft gauges see Mercury Smartcraft Gauges New for 2000 or click here.

New for 2000 Optimax Motors the new low water pickup

New for 2002 3/10 gph

Through arrangements with Mercury Outboard Sales and Rick's Marine, Poole Industries is offering consultation and custom Mercury outboard rigging. Our expertise is in all models of Mercury outboards but our emphasis is on the new technology Mercury Optimax. We are also organizing a sponsored fishing boat in the upcoming saltwater sport fishing tournaments entered during 2002-2003. The sponsored sport fishing boat, Hunter, is a 30' Mach I, powered by Mercury outboards. This Fishing for Charity program allows sponsors to pick their own charitable organization for donation of their share of the prize money. Go to Fishing Tournament for further details.

Mercury Optimax / Mercury V6 carb.

Hunter is outfitted with two Mercury engines. The port engine is a Mercury Optimax 200 3 liter new technology motor. The starboard engine is the older Mercury loop-charged [3 carb] 2.5 liter 200 hp engine. By running Hunter with these two engines, we are testing and demonstrating the differences in the old and new technologies. We are seeing massive reduction in emissions and virtually no smoke. A video tape is available on request that dramatically shows these differences. Also, the reduction in fuel consumption is equally impressive. At idle, based on FlowScan measurements, the older carbureted Mercury 200 hp engine used 4 gph whereas the Mercury

Optimax only used 1 gph. (New for 2002 3/10 gph)

In the photo above see all the smoke ? It's all from the carbureted mercury on the right.

The Optimax on the left is running, see the tell-tail ?

In the photo below, look for the tell-tail. The Optimax is running, but no smoke! This shows how clean the Optimax really is. The Mercury on the right is not running.

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