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SCCA Solomons Fishing & Boat Show

March, 4th & 5th 2000

107 tickets were sold at $2.00 each, for a total of $214.00 to be donated to the Christmas in April organization

------Thanks so much for your support------

See you at the Hollywood Boat Show on April 8th and 9th and will do it again!!

1st Place Winner is STEPHEN OAKLEY of Pasadena, Md.

He will receive a Garmin GPS Personal Navigator donated by Boater's World

ticket #680017

2nd Place Winner is Vienna Sponcer of Temple Hills, Md.

She will receive a Shimano FX 4000F fishing reel donated by Rick's Marine Centre

ticket #680060

3rd Place Winner is Carole Teuault of Charlotte Hall, Md.

She will receive a Canyon C30 E-Z Clean Chum Bag donated by Canyon products

ticket # 68005

Congratulations to all our winners!

And if you see a sponsor thank them for they're help.
Links: Mercury Marine TowBOAT/U.S. Solomons Table of Contents

A special thanks to our sponsors for the many door prizes that they donated to the show. There

were over 150 in all.

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